First look at floating Warmachine

Preview of the floating warmachines introduced to the game. The design shown is that of the cruiser class. The classes simply limits the overall dimensions of the warmachine. You are free to design and build your own custom terror from above. Video of the warmachine laying siege to a base coming soon.  firstship

IOS Release

With the release of the heavily stripped back lite, online PC version, demonstrating the Minecraft like MMO, we are now preparing the release of the current alpha on IOS followed by Android. This will enable us to deliver the game straight to our core casual gamers. Stay tuned as we will be unveiling more screenshots of the island battles and crafting systems.

Trial Web Release Date

A quick update on the trial release. Progress is moving along nicely and we are planning to have a minimal, feature limited, demo online within the next two weeks. Stay tuned and be the first to build your structure in town. Not quite a Minecraft MMO but in a similar vein.

Web Trial Account Release

We are working behind the scenes preparing for an online release. Since the Unity plugin support has now stopped on Google Chrome, we are in the middle of porting over to WebGL.

Things are moving forward, and we hope to bring you a trial version where you can wander the small city and build a temporary structure there. This is a version with very limited features and does not reflect the current state of the alpha. In this trial version you will be given a small 16×16 section of land. But there is currently a limitation of one week reservation of the land. After that the plot is reset. We are leaving a few surprises, so stay tuned for the trial web release date and other announcements.

A Glimpse into the Development of a Persistent MMO Back-end

We have been hard at work bringing you the exciting strategic, build and battle experience to your mobile device, that is the game BloxWars. Because we know you are a busy person and not one to sit around for long. As most work has focused on the back-end, we will show another glimpse into the MMO backend for those interested.

A major concern for all online games is the susceptibility to hacking for the purpose of gaining an unfair advantage over other players. The only method to fully eliminate this is to never trust the client or what it says, and to assume it has been compromised. The inventory system is especially prone to hacking and an obvious place for hackers to attempt to cheat the system. To this end, the only message the server can trust from the client, are requests to carry out actions which are then verified by the server.

As an example, here is a simplified, high level diagram which shows the player or client requesting the movement of an item from one slot to another. The server is designed to only process move commands and never a message where the player says place an item X into the inventory, as this message can be easily manipulated.

Inventory System


For a comparative view against a single player game, the diagram shows the scope and extra overhead involved with a multiplayer persistent world. For even the simplest function in the game, features can easily require three times longer to implement, as you have extra communications, server-side implementations and persistence systems to implement, debug and handle.

Hopefully the glimpse under the hood has satisfied the curiosity of those interested and not bored others of the technicalities too much. Stay tuned for more interesting posts and news as we edge ever so closer to the early access release.

Block Recipes and Components

Have no fear. We will get Blox Wars to all our hungry players. We are still busy at work on Blox Wars but we have been working on a few background systems, and so there is nothing interesting to show. We have however, decided to focus on the  mobile device release, as this is where we believe our players are.

We are currently working on implementing the mining structures and the assemblers. Assemblers are the machines which build the components for the ships and any other object in the game. They generally need a number of base blocks and precious metals from the refinery as materials. Each assembler is controlled by a trade-able recipe. More details to come.