Preliminary Ship Building Interfaces

Almost another end to the week and an update to the dev logs. More progress to show on the ship building side of the game. This week, work has been focused on bringing the build ships feature to the game. Shown in the screen shot is only the preliminary layout of the GUI and things at this stage are still fluid.


Work in Progress Ship Building GUI

With the current user interface placing blocks is simply achieved by left clicking, and removing blocks by right clicking. The interfaces are nice and simple and will enable the user to start building straight away.

We will be talking more about this in our next post, along with a video showing a speed build.

Custom Voxel Ships

The limited web demo is now live, seems stable, and now it is time to start concentrating on implementing the more interesting features. For us that would be the ability to build voxel ships, then to destroy them in battle of course.

More details about the ship construction will come.