An update on realms, travel and exploration

Late post for the weekly update. The major components to realms and sub-realms have now been implemented. What this means for you as a player is the ability to travel from your sub-realm (consisting of up-to a maximum of 150 neighboring player islands) to the main-realms. Each main-realm will consist of 25 sub-realms. To help further illustrate this, here is a rough diagram showing the various relationships and connections between the world, main-realms and the sub-realms.

Partitioning of Realms

During the testing phase there will be three main realms online, with a dummy capital realm implemented. The capital realm is where goods will need to be transported for trading to occur, and the opportunity for pirates to loot. Some resources must also be transported to the capital realm and into the special facilities for further processing into the final item.

Stayed tuned as more details of this develop, and we release some screen shots of what traveling in these realms and sub-realms may look like.





Implementation of Realms

This week there has been a lot of work changing the architecture of the back-end. This was necessary to accommodate the new realization of realms, rather than to select from a list of potential opponents or have the computer find a match for you. The new map feature being realized will enable you to see all the ships in your current realm in real-time and to select which one to attack. All realms will be linked into a single shard and your character is free to move between them all.

More details will be released in the upcoming  posts.

Custom Voxel Ship Design Blueprints

This week we introduce the new feature of blueprints, and a video of ship construction as promised.  Possibly not the most interesting of features, but a very useful one. With blueprints you can view what others have created, publish your own, or trade them.

The blueprints enable you to design the ship of your dreams without the need to have all the required blocks in your possession. We never want to hold back the creative process, even when you don’t have all the blocks. If you have an idea, design it!

All plans are stored safely in the cloud, for access across a number of platforms you wish to play on.

Manufacturing of ships can begin once you have your blueprint, and have obtained enough blocks.

For those interested in the components under the hood, here is an high level view of the systems involved during a blueprint transaction.

Until next week, join us again to get the latest updates on Blox Wars.


High level component view of systems involved during blueprint interactions.