Peek into Battle Mechanics and Interfaces

We have been hard at work implementing the next stage of the game before the release of version Alpha 2. Alphas will be an additional complete playable feature, until we reach Beta stage. The past week has been focused on preparing both the back-end and the front-end for battle. Here is a sneek peek of the front-end work.



The top right corner displays the attack head up display(HUD) of the locked target where you can rotate the model and click on any of the blocks you want to attack, with your available turrets. We will also be introducing different weapon classes which have the ability to penetrate through shield, armor and hull structures in a single strike.

That’s all the details we are going to divulge for now. We will post more details of the targeting systems later in the week, so stay tuned!


From Map to Battle Arena

Ships are now entering into a battle arena! Checkout the video below of this in action. Note, all textures and models are placeholders for prototyping, but will have a similar low poly pixel style once in Beta.

The video shows three stages before you can enter into an attack with another player. The design stage of your ship, exploration on the sub-realm map to find other players, and finally getting into the targets range to enter into a battle arena. In the current stage of development, the construction stage for your ship from the blueprints has been left out. This is where you turn your blueprints into the actual ship. During pre-alpha, all ships will be instantly constructed from the blueprints without the need to mine for the necessary blocks. Very handy.

When you first enter the map, your ship will be placed next to your home island (Those green cubes in pre-alpha). You are then free to explore the map for other players or targets. To enter the battle arena you must first lock them. Once the target is locked and within battle range, you will automatically be placed into battle arena with the other player. From there the carnage begins.

We hope you enjoyed this weeks video and you now have at least a vague idea of how battles are started. If you want more info or just have a general comment feel free to drop us a line at the bottom. Stay tuned as we release more exciting material on the actual battles themselves.


Work In Progress – Sub-Realm and Locating Targets

A start to a new month and more progress to share. This week is an update on the development of the sub-realms. As previously mentioned, the world will be built from main-realms and sub-realms. Here we present a very early prototype for the layout and appearance of a sub-realm.

Sub-Realm of Ships

Both the yellow player ships and the green home islands of the player are shown on the map. In this case sub-realm 101. As a player, your ship will appear next to your home island when you deploy your ship and enter the sub-realm. From there, you are free to target other players to enter into a battle with. However, there are a number of factors which will affect your ability to reach the target ship before entering a battle. These include the modules or blocks you have on your ship, and an important factor, the speed of your ship.

A reminder this is a work in progress, all models and textures are temporary, and it will be much more polished once we reach Beta. Stay tuned as we bring you more developments into BloxWars.