Trial Web Release Date

A quick update on the trial release. Progress is moving along nicely and we are planning to have a minimal, feature limited, demo online within the next two weeks. Stay tuned and be the first to build your structure in town. Not quite a Minecraft MMO but in a similar vein.

Web Trial Account Release

We are working behind the scenes preparing for an online release. Since the Unity plugin support has now stopped on Google Chrome, we are in the middle of porting over to WebGL.

Things are moving forward, and we hope to bring you a trial version where you can wander the small city and build a temporary structure there. This is a version with very limited features and does not reflect the current state of the alpha.┬áIn this trial version you will be given a small 16×16 section of land. But there is currently a limitation of one week reservation of the land. After that the plot is reset. We are leaving a few surprises, so stay tuned for the trial web release date and other announcements.